Four startups from the Middle East and Africa region are among the six shortlisted in the Marriott Hotels TestBED programme. The programme commenced in the month of September.

The six startups shortlisted include Actimirror from Hong Kong, Twistar from Dubai, Near Motion from Saudi Arabia, Unified Inbox from Singapore, Beachill from Lebanon and DUBZ from Dubai.

Actimirror is a smart mirror that provides real-time interactive guest experiences while collecting data, Twistar is a smart device that uses AI for market intelligence by analysing guest’s actions and voice for real-time insights, Near Motion is a beacon that enables guests’ navigation and location-based communication, Unified Inbox specializes in chat apps that allow guests to communicate with smart devices using text and voice, Beachill is an eco-friendly solar-powered beach mattress that can even charge guests’ mobile devices and cool their drinks and DUBZ is a service that allows guests to send their luggage from the airport to the hotel and vice versa without the hassle of carrying it.

“We have been truly impressed with not only the level of interest we’ve received for this initiative, but also with the quality of those entries. There is such an enormous amount of talent across the region and around the world, and we’re glad to be able to help discover it as well as nurture it, and facilitate learning from each other,”said Sandra Schulze-Potgieter, Vice President of Premium & Select Brands, Middle East & Africa, Marriott International.

Marriott TestBED is an accelerator programme powered by Marriott Hotels with the aim to find cutting edge technologies, that can transform hotel guests experience. The programme works with startups that have developed products and services which can enhance Marriott Hotels guest experience.

A total of 200 submissions were received from the region as well as Europe and even Asia. The short-listed candidates have been hand-picked for their ability to revolutionize a guest’s stay, and their potential to reinvent the hotel experience throughout the region.

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